Kitabisa! - I'm shaving my head for kids with cancer

I'm shaving my head for kids with cancer

I'm shaving my head for kids with cancer
Hi, I'm Michelle and I will be shaving my head for Cancer Awareness as well as raising funds to help the Rachel House Foundation.

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Death comes unannounced . But not if you have the deadly disease called cancer . It slowly takes you little by little and won't stop till the life is taken away from your dear body . It's worse when you lose a loved one to this difficult-to-cure disease . I lost someone who was very dear to me , my sweet grandma . I was too small to understand why she had to go then, but now I understand it all.

Hello! My name is Michelle, I'm a 16 year old student who is keen on making the world more aware of the terminal disease called cancer .In my quest to find more about cancer , I realised that more and more people are now suffering from this sickness. What's more shocking was to find out that many children as well were suffering from this . Many children are not fortunate enough to even get past their childhood and succumb to this deadly curse of a disease. Knowing this broke my heart, but even more so, made me want to do something about it. I thought about this and the only way I can do anything was to create awareness and raising funds . So I decided that I would give up something that is precious to me at this moment: My hair. If shaving my head could help raise funds and create awareness and in some way help save a child's life or even make it a little painless , then I would do it over and over again.

In my quest to find our how I could help, I stumbled upon the Rachel House Foundation Rachel House is the first paediatric palliative care service in Indonesia, with a vision that no child should ever have to live or die in pain. I was impressed in what they were doing: creating a positive, nurturing and loving environment for the children and their families during times of such struggle. I wanted to be a part of this great cause and was eager to partner with them to help them raise funds for their palliative care.

To even further help raise awareness, I decided that I would like to publicly share my experience of shaving my head with anyone who is willing to come at the Wall of Dreams Exhibition, which is being held by Rachel House at Cilandak Town Square, Jakarta on October 13 at 4pm. It would mean a lot if you could spread the news and rally as much friends and family to contribute and if you're in Jakarta, come to support me and the other foundations attending the exhibition.

Where are my Donations going?

All proceeds will go to Rachel House to help provide palliative care home care for children living with cancer. Donations can be given in any amount, below are some examples of donations you can provide:

  • IDR 150.000 = Help the cost of transporting a child to go to the hospital and access the health service in one day.
  • IDR 250,000 = Help provide palliative care through a home visit for a child and his family.
  • IDR 500,000 = Help provide palliative care through two home visits for a child and his family.
  • IDR 750.000 = Help the cost of transporting a child to hospital and accessing health services for a week.
  • IDR 1,000,000 = Help provide palliative care through a home visit service for a child and his family for a month.
  • IDR 3,000,000 = Help provide palliative care through home visit services for 3 children and their families for a month.

Please don't think twice, this is for a good cause, there is a child who needs OUR support. Please open your heart and contribute selflessly. I truly appreciate your kind heartedness and thank you.

Kindest Regards,

Michelle Marakasherry and the Rachel House team

Disclaimer : Informasi dan opini yang tertulis di halaman penggalangan ini adalah milik penggalang dana dan tidak mewakili Kitabisa.

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  • Rp. 5.000.327
    Yayasan Wahana Artha

    Thanks a lot... hopefully the haircut action you do can make palliative children smiles.

  • Rp. 5.000.000
    Joey Tan

    Proud of you

  • Rp. 5.000.000
    Uncle Rocky
  • Rp. 5.000.000
    Bobby Tan

    Michelle you have a heart of gold

  • Rp. 5.000.000
    Peter Albin

    Way to go gurlll!!! .So proud of you

  • Rp. 3.000.410
    Auntie Marisa Wibawa

    michy, what a generous heart... GBU

  • Rp. 3.000.000

    Everyone wears a gold ribbon for cancer awarness for children but you wear a heart of GOLD. I am so proud of you.

  • Rp. 3.000.000

    Proud of You

  • Rp. 2.705.000
    Venu Gopal Nambiar

    Cancer related support

  • Rp. 2.700.760


  • Rp. 20.000
  • Rp. 1.450.189

    Uncle Nana

  • Rp. 2.700.760


  • Rp. 1.350.290

    Uncle Nandu

  • Rp. 500.783
    Zahwa Sherman
  • Rp. 200.485
  • Rp. 200.000
  • Rp. 1.000.749
  • Rp. 5.000.327
    Yayasan Wahana Artha

    Thanks a lot... hopefully the haircut action you do can make palliative children smiles.

  • Rp. 2.000.678
Elizabeth Michelle MARAKASHERRY ALBIN 9 Nov 2017

Update 4 - Final Post

Hello Everyone!

I am very proud to announce that after this long journey, we have finally reached our extended goal of IDR 85 million!!

A gigantic thanks to all who have donated and supported this cause, you have no idea how much I appreciate it and of all the children you have helped! All donations will go to Rachel House in support of their amazing palliative care work here in Indonesia.

With that, I'd like to formally thank all those who have supported me: all the donaters, family, friends, other generous organizations ,Rachel house and all it's sweet and wonderful team who continuously encouraged and supported me lovingly throughout this unforgettable experience.

Shaving my head for cancer awareness was a humbling experience. When I think that my efforts/sacrifice would make a young child feel painless and/or inspire someone else to make a similar stand , I am convinced that it has been the best decision of my life .I do not regret any of it. If I could, I'd do it over and over again! I've met many inspiring people, and with this act, I hope I have inspired a kid out there too . I took the chance and I can honestly say that I've come out from this journey more wiser. I am truly happy I was able to do this for someone who really needed support.

Until next, stay well, love each other and do a good deed to pay it forward. Thank You


Michelle Marakasherry

Elizabeth Michelle MARAKASHERRY ALBIN 24 Oct 2017

Update 3 - 7 Days to go!

Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well with all.

After raising my target , I am overwhelmed to find out that I am inching towards achieving my new target yet again. All your support has helped me reached 92% as of today.This was possible because of every single one of your donations! We've got 7 days left to close so folks please keep pushing this campaign to everyone you know and beyond

If anyone's interested to see a glimpse of the event when I shaved my hair; there is a link to a video below made by (many thanks to them):

Thank you all so very much for supporting me on this journey. Bersama " kitabisa" . Terima Kasih Banya

Elizabeth Michelle MARAKASHERRY ALBIN 14 Oct 2017

Update 2 - Thank you!


Hello Everyone! On the 13 of October, I fulfilled my promise of shaving my head! Thank you for all your support throughout this entire process! A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to donate, wether large or small, your contribution made a difference in a child's life as we've finally reached and exceeded our goal of IDR 65 million.

Though it was a very difficult challenge for me , I'm now so encouraged with the overwhelming support from all of you and due to numerous requests for me to continue , I've decided to extend collecting funds for another 2 weeks and also increase the goal to IDR 85 million! Please continue to rally for me and pass it along to everyone and encourage them to donate for this cause. The funds collected so far will help approximately 65 kids to add more cheer to their lives!

Thank You for your kindness



Elizabeth Michelle MARAKASHERRY ALBIN 5 Oct 2017

Update 1 - Halfway Mark Accomplished!

Hello everyone!

I'd like to take this moment to first and foremost say a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated, big or small, your contribution means alot and your kind words are greatly appreciated! Because of this, I have reached my halfway goal! We're half way there to the goal so please continue to share this cause and spread the news!

I have also made an edit in my description: previously , I was publicly shaving my head on the 14th October but this date has been MOVED TO OCTOBER 13TH AT 4 PM IN CITOS (Cilandak Town Square). So if anyone wishes to come and support, please make sure you attend the correct date and time!

Also, I understand that some people may be from an international country, so here are instruction on how to donate if you do not understand the language:

To read the story pls click the blue + button under the photo that says “Baca selengkapnya”

To donate...scroll down and click the “ donasi sekarang “ button which is in pink ...that will bring you to the page where you write the amount

Fill in the amount in the “ masukan nominal “ box

Select the mode in the “ methode pembayaran” drop down box...easiest is credit card

Fill in your telp nbr in the next need to do + just write your country code and nbr

Next box is if you want to write any comments...if none then click “ lanjut” will take you to next page

Fill in your name in the “ nama lengkap box”

Fill in your email id to which confirmation will be sent

After that hit “ lanjut” it will take you to the next page shows you the details of amount plus the transaction fee...check then click“ bayar sekarang “

This brings you to next will show you the total and to which campaign its going should say “ I’m shaving my head for kids with cancer” ....then click “ lanjut”

The next fill in your credit card details in “ nomor kartu”

Fill in valid thru in “ berlaku hingga”

Fill in CVV

Then click “ konfirmasi pembayaran” ....and you should be done

Disclaimer : Informasi dan opini yang tertulis di halaman campaign ini adalah milik campaigner (pihak yang menggalang dana) dan tidak mewakili Kitabisa.

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