Kitabisa! - Solar Power Lighting for the Poor (2016 campaign)

Solar Power Lighting for the Poor (2016 campaign)

Solar Power Lighting for the Poor (2016 campaign)
Our aim is to provide portable solar power lighting systems for families living without access to electricity.

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We aim to change lives of the less fortunate in Indonesia by providing rural communities with solar power lighting systems. Azzura Solar is in the business of changing lives in Indonesia.

Millions of families are left in the dark after nightfall because they do not have access to electricity, or a sustainable light source.

By providing these homes with solar power lighting we can enhance their lives, keep them safe and allow their children to read, write and study after dark.

A simple light can change a life.



With millions of Households living without access to electricity, families are left in the dark after the sun sets. Children are Unable to read, write and study after dark, making it difficult to keep up at school. around Indonesia develop properly?

Sometimes, it's the simplest things that can make a big difference in people's lives.

For many of us, all we need to do is flip a switch, and we've got a cheap source of light that does not pollute our home and that can provide plenty of time after dark to prepare meals, complete homework, read, enjoy our family or loved ones, or do our daily chores.

But that's not the case in many areas, where the only viable source of light may be an oil or petrol lamp, which is not only unhealthy to burn indoors, and a possible safety hazard, but also requires a constant supply of relatively expensive fuel to Operate.

With your help, we can provide these rural communities without any access to electricity, with a sustainable, solar powered, light source.


The positive effects of providing light to rural communities are:

1) Children can now read, write and study after dark without the need for harmful petroleum lamps that emit dangerous fumes, and can potential start a fire

2) Families experience a greater sense of safety. Many villages are plunged into darkness at night due to the lack of lighting. By providing a sustainable light source, we can help illuminate the surrounding areas, creating a sense of safety.

3) Increased overall productivity. Due to the lack of light, household productivity nears zero. Our solar power lighting can help homes continue their work activities well into the night.

How we make a difference?

We are so lucky to have the foundations in life to reach out goals and dreams, which many Indonesians do not. It is up to us to help the underprivileged who do not have the same upbringings. By giving just a small amount, we can start rebuilding communities throughout the country and supply


The system: Azzura Solar Galaxy Home System.

- 20 watt solar panel

- 2 x 2 watt Super-bright LED light (100 lumens)

- 4400 MaH battery

- Charging time per day: 7 hours

- Provides up to 12 hours of light per night on a full battery.

- Easy to install, plug and play system

Our fundraising goal

Our Goal of Rp 150,000,000 (by the end of this year) means we can install / distribute over 150 solar power home systems (image above). With help from our partner charity, Yayasan Usaha Mulia, we identify rural communities that require our systems, create an installment plan with the local leaders of the community.

We have a track record or providing low cost, high quality solar power systems for the past 2 years, with regular maintenance checks conducted every 3 months.

During these checks we have found that:

1) All our systems have been used by each household on a nightly basis

2) 60% decrease in the use of harmful petroleum lamps that emit dangerous fumes. Especially damaging for children.

3) Household members have voiced their gratitude on receiving a life changing source of light.


We post all our activities on our social media pages so that our funders can actively see all the work they have contributed towards.


Read more about us:

Social Media



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Azzura Solar 2 Dec 2016

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Azzura Solar 20 May 2016

Update 5 - Updated technology

As of today,. we have updated our technology!

Our new 20 watt solar power system is up and ready for our program!

Azzura Solar 29 Apr 2016

Update 4 - Azzura Solar on 'whats new Jakarta''

Hemant Chanrai first arrived in Indonesia back the in the early 90’s at the age of 4. After graduating from Jakarta International School in 2005, he went abroad to pursue higher education and not until he completed his undergraduate degree in economics and a Master degree in International Business from the University of London, did he return to Jakarta, where he found of Azzura Solar, a solar power.... read more via link.

Azzura Solar 7 Apr 2016

Update 3 - Article on imapctBeacon (.com)

Read more on our program. Social entreprenourship in Indonesia.

Azzura Solar 1 Mar 2016

Update 2 - Site visit with organisation SCC

On March, SCC and the Azzura Solar Team took a trip to several kampungs to find a site for our december project.

We had met with several villagers as well as the village head (pictured below)


Azzura Solar 13 Feb 2016

Update 1 - Prestige magazine featuring our program

Our Bright Future Program was featured on the February issue of Prestige Magazine.

One of Indonesias most circulated magazines.


Disclaimer : Informasi dan opini yang tertulis di halaman campaign ini adalah milik campaigner (pihak yang menggalang dana) dan tidak mewakili Kitabisa.

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